Jiny Framework

Lightweight, modern, simple Java web framework for rapid development in the API era

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Already know basic Java (or Kotlin/Scala)? Read the guide and start building things in no time (no implicit annotation and very few concepts to learn)


Tiny-in-size (core is just 50kb) with servlet-free (thus no need embedded servlet containers) and no dependency, build and start are really fast


Blazing fast performance due to the simplicity, also support asynchronous mode out-of-the-box (to handle a lot of concurrency with minimal hardware)

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You have your RESTful API server ready to serve JSON in less than ten lines of code

    Robust Routing

    Setting up routes for your application has never been so easy! The Express-like route definitions are easy to understand and work with.

    Low Memory Footprint

    Jiny's low memory footprint allows you to implement features without worrying too much about how much memory your application will use. This allows you to focus on your application and its business logic, rather than technical particularities.

    Rapid Programming

    Take your idea and turn it into reality in no time! Thanks to the well-designed and easy-to-learn API, you can develop your application in record speed (especially if you're coming from an Express.js background).


    Are you building an API server? We've got you covered! Jiny is the perfect choice for building REST APIs in Java. Receiving and sending data is fast and easy!

    Flexible Middleware Support

    Choose from a number of already existing middleware or create your own! Use them to verify and manipulate certain requests in your app before they reach your controller.

    Websocket Support

    Use the power of asynchronous non-blocking WebSockets in your Jiny app! Build fast interactive user experiences with performance and scalability guaranteed.

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